Lonex Red Extreme Toughness Airsoft Piston

Since I am replacing the ICS M4 S-System’s top gearbox shell with a Retro Arms upper shell, I thought I would take this opportunity to try out a different piston as well. This time, I will be taking a look at the Lonex Red Extreme Toughness Piston. The label says it is made out of …

KSC System 7 USP Complete Disassembly

The KSC System 7 USP is an exceptionally performing gas blow back airsoft pistol.  It kicks nicely and muzzle velocity readings are relatively high.  However one has been sent in for repair of intermittent gas leaks and requires disassembly to fix.

How is an Airsoft Build Extreme? – Budgeting Amperes

I have come to the conclusion that for my style of AEG tech work budgeting Amperes is of foremost consideration.  Usually the focus is on an FPS target, a Joule target, a BBs per second target, or a range target.  However, for the longest time, I have seen impressive numbers demonstrated as long as maintaining …

Airsofter Tries Real Guns in America

A video surfaced recently from the time of this post’s writting wherein an Asian airsofter from Japan was temporarily imported into the United States to shoot live amunition with real guns. The video spoke volumes about gun culture, society, and most importantly, about how to have a good time.

Fixing Airsoft Gas Blow Back Handgun – WE Tech F226

Do your BBs roll out of your inner barrels when your airsoft gas blow back sidearms are tilted downwards? Do your bbs land at varying range despite a full charge of gas? Are your groupings consistently wider than five inches within thirty feet? If you are experiencing any of these, your airsoft sidearm may need …