Combat Union AEG Upgrade Parts Mods

In my previous article I checked out some airsoft parts from Russian Airsoft parts manufacturer, Combat Union. Overall I really appreciated the attention to detail reflected in their work.  Although there were some fitment issues, I really liked the look and set out to prep them for installation.

Russian Airsoft Parts: Combat Union

There is something about metal AEG internal upgrades.  Personally I think it is the looks.  A company from Russia has been making some really shiny internal replacement parts and I just had to get my hands on some.

G3 Revive P2 – Airsoft Cylinder Assembly: Volume Matching

The cylinder assembly is the second half of the compression component in an airsoft automatic electric gun, the other half being the piston assembly. Together, they work as a pneumatic system that serve the function of transferring force from a spring to propel projectiles called bbs through a barrel. The cylinder assembly is one of …

G3 Revive P1 – Airsoft Piston Preparation: Swiss Cheese & AOE

My very first Airsoft AEG was a Tokyo Marui G3-SG1.  I got it more than a decade ago, and surprisingly I still have it, or what’s left of it anyway.  It’s been some time since my work on a friend’s airsoft automatic electric gun (AEG), the TM MP5K-H v1.0, and I’ve been wanting to rebuild …

Tokyo Marui MP5K–H, v1.0 build. Featuring GATE Mosfet

When it comes to Airsoft I love tinkering with guns as much as I love being out on the field. Automatic electric guns, or AEG for short, are a pretty impressive mix of mechanical and electrical wonders. If you take the time to see how they come together, you’ll find simple principles working in tandem …