About Me

Hi friends.  I’m Julius, a tinker.  I usually find myself getting hooked on one hobby to the next.  Especially if they involve something mechanical in nature.  I may have picked up this troublesome trait from my late father who apparently happened to be a hobbyist himself.

I started this blog back in 2014 to cultivate a place to explore hobbies that people might preoccupy themselves with in their free time and document my own explorations.  However, looking back, I have always found myself coming back to the airsoft hobby which I started dabbling in way back in 2004. Airsoft is a wholesome sport hobby that promotes camaraderie and played with the honor system. Like any sport they may be some bad elements, but the make up a small amount of the community.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to Airsoft than launching plastic BBs at the opposing team. Besides actually playing the sport, there is a lot of theory and principles that work behind the operation of the replicas and it is in this area where tinkers like me enjoy the hobby the most.

A lot of airsoft theory and techniques can be found scattered all over the web among many case studies, and under countless discussions.  Even with the power of the internet search engines it can be troublesome to find specific answers to specific problems.

The collection of background knowledge available has taken years to develop with the help of their respective authors to make your replicas run faster, shoot harder, shoot further or just plain last longer.  This helped me decide to gear this website more towards the topic of Airsoft with the goal of making all this accessible to you.

This site also aims to provide an avenue for respectable players and technicians to get connected.  To be in the know.  To further build upon the existing wisdom, techniques, and knowledge base of the airsoft world.  Also to showcase a bit of personal non-airsoft related things on the side.  And lastly; to have fun while doing so!

With that, I welcome you to follow along and share your insights!