ICS M4 Restoration – Part 2 – Airsoft Rewiring

A few days ago I finally posted my video on the installation of a Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor, or MOSFET, into an ICS M4 airsoft gun. This formed part of the rewiring process required to improve and protect the stock airsoft trigger circuit. The desire for higher levels of performance has seen the widespread […]

G3 Revive P2 – Airsoft Cylinder Assembly: Volume Matching

The cylinder assembly is the second half of the compression component in an airsoft automatic electric gun, the other half being the piston assembly. Together, they work as a pneumatic system that serve the function of transferring force from a spring to propel projectiles called bbs through a barrel. The cylinder assembly is one of […]

G3 Revive P1 – Airsoft Piston Preparation: Swiss Cheese & AOE

My very first Airsoft AEG was a Tokyo Marui G3-SG1.  I got it more than a decade ago, and surprisingly I still have it, or what’s left of it anyway.  It’s been some time since my work on a friend’s airsoft automatic electric gun (AEG), the TM MP5K-H v1.0, and I’ve been wanting to rebuild […]

Tokyo Marui MP5K–H, v1.0 build. Featuring GATE Mosfet

When it comes to Airsoft I love tinkering with guns as much as I love being out on the field. Automatic electric guns, or AEG for short, are a pretty impressive mix of mechanical and electrical wonders. If you take the time to see how they come together, you’ll find simple principles working in tandem […]