2021 G&G Split Gear Box Unveiling

News of G&G Armament unveiling a new split gearbox design patterned similarly to a version 2 gearbox is circulating. In a post on the Airsoft sub reddit page, a user by the handle pre_nerf_infestor posted, quote:

“Other features of note: adjustable trigger travel, programmable burst using optical sensor, precocking, mag cutoff. Basically many of the features people buy GATE titans for.”

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How is an Airsoft Build Extreme? – Budgeting Amperes

I have come to the conclusion that for my style of AEG tech work budgeting Amperes is of foremost consideration.  Usually the focus is on an FPS target, a Joule target, a BBs per second target, or a range target.  However, for the longest time, I have seen impressive numbers demonstrated as long as maintaining form factor was not taken into consideration.  But the thing is I highly value preservation of the original aesthetic and prefer that the power source is self-contained.  This imposed limitation that is inherent to the AEG’s design sets the boundaries at which I find the work to be rewarding.

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GATE Warfet – Epic External Programmable MOSFET for AEG

There is always a noticeable wind up delay when operating airsoft electric gun replicas. This is due to the time spent by the motor and gears turning to pull and release a piston. It can be bothersome, and I was convinced that adding a programmable MOSFET with the pre-cock feature was going to solve this issue. However, I am particular with trigger feel and needed one that did not replace the mechanical trigger. That’s how I decided to go with the GATE Warfet.

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AOE Correction Made Easy – Lee’s Precision Piston Heads

One airsoft-tech buzz phrase you will often hear is AOE. Specifically correcting for AOE. AOE refers to angle of engagement, or how well the the pick-up teeth between the sector gear and piston mesh. In high stress set-ups poor AOE can result in broken piston or gear teeth. Enter Lee’s Precision AOE Piston Head that aims to make this adjustment easy.

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A Little Word on G&G Gearbox Locator Screws

So I am currently working on a G&G GS550 for a friend. It is a really well made replica of the Sig Sauer SG550 which features a standard version 3 gearbox shell. One interesting engineering design characteristic of G&G airsoft guns is the implementation of locator studs. These studs position the gearbox firmly in place inside their excellent external shells.

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