G3 Revive P1 – Airsoft Piston Preparation: Swiss Cheese & AOE

My very first Airsoft AEG was a Tokyo Marui G3-SG1.  I got it more than a decade ago, and surprisingly I still have it, or what’s left of it anyway.  It’s been some time since my work on a friend’s airsoft automatic electric gun (AEG), the TM MP5K-H v1.0, and I’ve been wanting to rebuild my G3 since.

Like any fresh build we need to consider the basics, and to that end I will be focusing on the piston assembly, a component which I consider a very important foundation to any AEG.  The piston assembly is an internal component found in the gearbox shell that is in charge of transferring the spring’s energy to compress air used to launch plastic pellets/bbs as projectiles.

Looking back, I am surprised at what little attention I gave to this very important component when I first started my foray into airsoft tinkering.  Work on the piston ensures smooth operation and directly improves the system’s longevity which are core aspects of reliability.  So let’s move along and revisit the AEG piston and how to make this part right.

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Tokyo Marui MP5K–H, v1.0 build. Featuring GATE Mosfet

When it comes to Airsoft I love tinkering with guns as much as I love being out on the field. Automatic electric guns, or AEG for short, are a pretty impressive mix of mechanical and electrical wonders. If you take the time to see how they come together, you’ll find simple principles working in tandem to create a pretty effective skirmishing replica. This is especially true for the company Tokyo Marui who introduced AEGs to the community. Yet when I got my hands on a friend’s H&K MP5k variant, we knew we wanted to get a little more out of it. And, by a little, I meant the total opposite!

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Gun Show 2015 – Philippines

It’s been about a week since our local gun show ended.  Despite being surrounded by guns my entire life, my interest in them didn’t develop until after I was much older.  I don’t recall ever having been to one, prior.  So after finding out that one was scheduled at a nearby mall last June 11-14th 2015, I made sure to go.

Being this was my first gun show experience, I didn’t really know what to expect.

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PC Build – SilverStoneTek SG07

Hi all!  Thought I’d share my setup after a long hiatus.  Been meaning to post this but just haven’t had the chance to get around to it.  Writing has never been my strong point, but I hope the pictures get you interested at least.  Maybe this’ll even help someone out there who’s thinking of taking a similar route, building a small form factor personal desktop workhorse of their own.  In any case, here it is!

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Warrior Online

Hi people!  First post on H&T Warrior!  This is the first time I’ve ever set up a blog of sorts so I’m really sorry if the layout is a mess.  To this end the layout will probably see multiple revisions, but I’m sure you guys wont mind! Right?

I’d like to welcome you internet people to my site. Welcome!  Stay a while and look around.  Hopefully my posts will help someone here and there.  You never know!

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