A Little Word on G&G Gearbox Locator Screws

So I am currently working on a G&G GS550 for a friend. It is a really well made replica of the Sig Sauer SG550 which features a standard version 3 gearbox shell. One interesting engineering design characteristic of G&G airsoft guns is the implementation of locator studs. These studs position the gearbox firmly in place inside their excellent external shells.

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ICS M4 Restoration – Part 3 – AEG Compression

Finally I have found the time to write down part 3 of the ICS M4 restoration process that covers AEG compression. The world-wide pandemic was starting to pick up right around the time I started this stage of the project which resulted in massive delays. In any case, I have decided to write shorter pieces moving forward so I can churn out more content and I highly advise my readers to check out videos I post on YouTube and info on my other social channels for additional insight.

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ICS M4 Restoration – Part 2 – Airsoft Rewiring

A few days ago I finally posted my video on the installation of a Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor, or MOSFET, into an ICS M4 airsoft gun. This formed part of the rewiring process required to improve and protect the stock airsoft trigger circuit. The desire for higher levels of performance has seen the widespread adoption of 11.1 Volt LiPoly batteries, and the accelerated damage caused by electrical arcing on the trigger contacts. Therefore, the use of MOSFETs in today’s age of high performance automatic electric guns has become mandatory.

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ICS M4 Restoration – Part 1 – Shimming

In this entry I am restoring an ICS M4 S System starting with work on the gear train. The core of every AEG rebuild is a good shim job that stabilizes the gears and ensures smooth operation. In this entry I will show you how I go about the shimming process and the things to watch out for.

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Misfeeding Airsoft Gun – AEG TM G36C

Welcome everyone to the Hobby & Tech Warrior! In this repair log I am faced with what I thought was a misfeeding airsoft gun. Here I have my friend’s Tokyo Marui G36C, and it has a problem. The motor spins and the gearbox cycles, but the BBs don’t always shoot out. When they do, they are so weak that they bounce off tissue paper. So if your automatic electric gun, or AEG, is acting up in a similar fashion, come along on my investigation to discover one possible method of repair.

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