News of G&G Armament unveiling a new split gearbox design patterned similarly to a version 2 gearbox is circulating. In a post on the Airsoft sub reddit page, a user by the handle pre_nerf_infestor posted, quote:

“Other features of note: adjustable trigger travel, programmable burst using optical sensor, precocking, mag cutoff. Basically many of the features people buy GATE titans for.”


The most common split gearbox design patterns in airsoft come from Systema’s PTW and ICS’s split V2 designs. Looking at those two examples I noticed that G&G’s approach has similarities to the ICS pattern. Systema’s PTW has upper cylinder sets that are proprietary in design. On the other hand ICS and G&G have more traditional looking gearbox uppers that are likely to accept standard aftermarket AEG internal parts with little to no modification. What G&G brings to the table is a bit of refinement to existing conventions and modularity.

Key Features of the G3 System

  • Split Gearbox Design
  • Quick Change Spring
  • Quick Change Trigger Mechanism Module
  • Thoughtful Wire Channels
  • Patented Power-Cut System
  • G3 System Remote Controller
  • Replaceable Angle Motor Plate
  • Lock-In Hop Chamber

I won’t be discussing what I think about all of these, however I wanted to point out a couple of notable features that I think are pretty relevant.

Patented Power-Cut System

The feature that caught my interest the most was the patented power-cut system. It describes it as “power-cut off when chamber is empty”. What this likely means is that when BBs can no longer climb up in front of the nozzle, the AEG’s will refuse to operate. Following this feature is the bolt release button allowing the operation of the AEG to continue after a mag is inserted and it is pressed.

This feature has value, because not only does it prevent dry firing which can impact the life cycle of parts, but it also ultimately refines the experience of playing with AEGs. In the heat of a game it might not be too much of a hassle that AEGs continue to cycle even on an empty magazine, however, being forced to stop and go through the motions of a reload sequence is a significant sensory cue that will improve the overall gameplay experience.

Modular Electronic Trigger Board

The next interesting feature is the ETU and its modularity. In the Reddit post there were sentiments that this would replace the need to install Gate Titan MOSFETS which can get expensive. Unfortunately we have yet to see the price range of the AEGs that will be featuring the G3 System gearbox and ETUs. However, I do believe there will still be cases where a high end MOSFET will be preferred.

Other than performance I find the ability to swap out entire trigger circuit modules without the need for full disassembly of the lower receiver and gearbox interesting. There have been concerns over the durability of G&G’s ETUs in the past and this could make fixes relatively simple and painless.


Improved wire channels to avoid snagging on the pinion gear, angled replacement plates for grip compatibility, and lock-in hop chambers are more of refinements reflecting the trends in best practices observed by today’s technicians. Thanks to these changes they do present some real advantages allowing more freedom and relief in the tuning process.

As it is, any attempt by manufacturers to provide sensible choices and alternatives in the market can only be a good thing, and this split gearbox G3 System is something I look forward to. I only hope that G&G Armament can ease the concerns of some in the community over their use of proprietary parts and configurations.


The original image can be found on G&G Armament’s downloadable year 2021 catalogue in their website’s download page. Do note that it may be updated on a yearly basis and show different content.

Link to the original reddit post by pre_nerf_infestor:

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