What is Airsoft Hop-Up Chamber?

The AEG hop-up chamber is a housing that provides a pathway for BBs to load themselves into position before being fired.  Hop-up chambers come in different form factors and designs that are largely dependent on the form factor of the airsoft replica.  The hop-up chamber is installed over the inner barrel and hop packing before mating with the gearbox’s air seal nozzle to create a sealed unit.

The chamber features controls in the form of rotary dials, knobs, screws, or sliders that are responsible for the “hop” settings. Hop refers to the lift applied to BBs that allow them to fly further.  The controls on the chamber adjust an obstruction in the BBs pathway that applies the backspin which generates the lift for a better effective range. It is thanks to the hop-chamber that airsoft replicas have been able to achieve incredible range with so little power.

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